The Strategy

  1. “GOD” – HE IS IN CHARGE PERIOD - The anointing needs to lead the structure of all this as we need to go from a church mindset to the new wine skin of kingdom thinking and what does God want to do. So thenwe may come join Him there and be a part of His plan- in relationship and corporate unity as believers under the Lord ship of Jesus Christ our Savior and Master.

  1. “Stewarding Group” (The Council)- This group would come from all walks of life or the 7 mountains/gateways of society such as The Church, Government, Arts & Media, Health, Education, Sports, Financial, etc, etc, etc- all would need to be strong believers and willing to lay everything down, their ministries, their businesses,agendas and even their lives if necessary.

  1. "Financial Plan" (Slush fund of $100 million ) To implement this initiative as well also as too bless other groups, ministries, individuals, outreaches and other business or production entities to financially fund these groups as co-relational building of the kingdom and to help steward them in the Holy Spirit anointing. So all will be a blessing upon this earth and be able to walk in their true calling and strength with out having to worry about (do we have the funds).

  1. "A facility/entity/studio"- Based in the Global gate of Hollywood (Arts, Entertainment & Media gateway) where all this comes together again in relationship and in the flow of the Holy Spirit, with media and technology distribution platforms, Film & TV studios, music production, editing suites, training facilities, healing ministries, prayer rooms, marketing & PR team, research department, outreach initiatives, press room, offices, etc, etc, etc. All for one goal to do the Lords work in these end days… For Him! This entity is a business that will make money to fund more projects and help the 501 ministries that are involved with us around the world.

  1. "Intercessory Prayer & Listening team" – A prayer team that is operating 24 hours/7days a week to pray, listen and intercede for all of this and more. This is a paid position that will have 3 shifts of 8hours a day to pray and intercede at that highest spiritual level. Of course there will be volunteers as well involved, but we need a dedicated team always on top of what God wants done, as well for personal and even day-to-day business or ministry decisions.

  1. "A Global command center"- Inside the facility (number 4), the heart of it that will be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week set up in the sole mission to gather, discern and research information but that it can also now be acted on. If you think as an ex: A military command post or a space shuttle command center with the best technical equipment and staff. We would now be able to co-ordinate as a global church body in relational unity to take on any issue, such as elect a spirit filled official, or help during anatural disaster, or of course the number one cause for us all which is to reach out in love to a lost world, to transform are cities, to transform hearts, minds, people, nations and ultimately the global world itself.
  1. "The Strategy"- To understand that we are in a war and also in the end days now of that battle. Looking at this in that sense we then must address the mountains or gateways of society to fight the good fight. As in any war to win it, you need to concentrate your forces at a point in the enemies line in order to create a breakthrough or a beachhead. Once this is accomplished the enemy must retreat to keep the enemy from allowing forces into the rear are, destroying its supply lines or being attacked from its rear or surround its troops. What would happen if we concentrated on one area, like the mountain/gateway of arts and media and as a united church took that ground or create a beachhead in that area. Then to use the media and the platforms of it as a tool with the chuch engaged and co-ordinate to work together with the message of Jesus Christ.


We use the term Global Gates to refer to seats of power, places of influence where key decisions are made such as in the bible where the elders of the cities sit and make decisions and exercise authority that affect not only that city but the surrounding area and in some cases the world (Ps. 24:17).

We are a global world now, all connected together by different forms of media. Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood being some of the media capitals of the world, such they are Global gates that affect the entire world. Decisions in these gates whether for good or bad and have far-reaching influences and in most cases defines culture for people, nations and our world. We are exposed to 5,000 messages a day by latest research done on this subject, what toothpaste we use, what car we drive, what we eat, who we vote for or even go to war with.

Also language is important as we learn to communicate with each other and the world itself. Out of the mountains or gateways of society such as Government, Education, Arts and Media, the Church, Sports, etc… the strongest one needs to be The Church but we need to work on that. For now, and this is up for argument the strongest one is Arts and media. That one mountain/gateway that really is affecting all the other gateways and this Global world we live in. Besides the thought of unity, Arts and Media is the one thing we all can relate to in some form or another. Whether it’s films, music, TV, the Internet, books, poetry, telephones, computers, somehow we all can agree it is a common denominator for us no matter where you live or how it affect us all.

God wants the church to be sleek now; able to move quickly, to respond to new assignments. Flowing in the spirit, not letting the form or structure control the anointing. We call this new way of coming together- a new wineskin of corporate unity. In these end days we believe God is calling the body to better understand how their local world can affect the Global world and also, how the Global world can affect the local.

We know now that for the church to be ready to wield the true authority it has, God would first require a critical mass (a remnant) of leadership from across the nations-from different denominations, generations, and ethnic groups-coming together in unity.

One way to do this is to continue to spend time together corporately where we worship and pray and hear from God as a group. To get the new assignments he gives us as and then flow together coprorately. It says in the word that in the end times our hearts will grow cold but we want to strive for a deeper walk with God and unify all body parts together to serve as one strong unified body.

For this to work the structure can't drive the anointing but the anointing with the Holy Spirit should drive the structure. As well, God is raising up the nameless, as he always has who will do anything, be obedient and do whatever He asks.

As we gather, in this new wineskin, it becomes apparent that God is not interested in our strengths, our gifts or our abilities first, instead He is looking at our humility, our brokenness and our willingness to sacrifice and die to our own ways, agendas and timelines.

To change the mountains or gateways of society it will take a strong strategy and the church itself needs to stand up and be accountable. To do this it will take prayer, leadership, discipleship, evangelism, relationship, corporate unity or Kingdom covenant relationships in the body.

We also cannot give up anymore ground, and we must retake what has been lost. The Church is called to be the Bride of Christ as well as an army. As we approach the end of this age, we will begin to take on more of the nature and demeanor of both.

For example, "the ways that our human nature is different from the Lord’s is this: as human armies are devoted to destruction, God’s army is devoted to construction." Human soldiers are taught how to kill and to take the lives of their enemies, while God’s soldiers are taught how to give life and even to lay down their own lives for the sake of their enemies. One way that they are alike is that both armies are built on discipline, obedience, and the resolve that when given an objective, you pay the price required to accomplish it.

There are also other similarities in strategies between human armies and God’s army. One is the most basic military strategy called “concentration of forces”. This is the strategy of concentrating forces at a point in the enemy’s line in order to create a breakthrough. Once a breakthrough in the lines is accomplished, then the enemy must retreat to keep from allowing the opposing forces into its rear area, destroying its supply lines and surrounding its frontline troops. Concentration of forces has been the most successful military strategy, and the reason for most of the decisive military victories in history. To create a beach head or breakthrough of the enemy lines in this way puts the enemy on its heels and will make him retreat in all areas.

Contrary to this,as seen in military history the strategy that has been the least successful and has often led to decisive defeats, has been the attempt to spread the forces out to thinly and to fight battles on too many fronts. Doesn't that sound familar to what the church has been doing and failing at in the grand scale of things.

Now let’s think about how it might relate to the Church as a whole. Presently, the Church is fighting battles on too many fronts to count. What would happen if we started to concentrate on just one or two of these areas? We would probably realize swift victories and see big advances begin. Right now the Church is so divided that it is hard to imagine the kind of unity that this would require, but many of us believe the foundation of this unity is now beginning. For example, "the Church in the nation of Canada is leading the way right now in unity as they are standing together as one after much healing and repentance initiatives."

However we as believers would do well to learn from these tactics and strategies as mentioned. Wise generals who could ignore the enemy’s attacks for a moment as such, and concentrated their forces to attack the enemy in a place and way that was not expected have achieved some of the greatest victories in military history. If we could focus on God and stand together on one area we would start moving from triumph to triumph the way we should be, we will not be continually reacting to the enemy but we will be the ones setting the agenda with our attacks on the strongholds of the enemy, and he will be constantly reacting to us.

We must resolve that we will retreat no further – we will not give up any more territory to the enemy, and we are going to start taking back territory that has been lost. In many countries, the Church has been far more effective being the salt and light that it was called to be fifty years ago than it is now. In fact, we have probably lost more ground in the last fifty years than in the previous five hundred. We cannot give up any more ground, and we must retake what has been lost. We must solidify the gains, occupying the land taken, and then keep going.

In a world where the next crisis is just a moment away it is time for the church to be as one and step up to the plate.
To do this we need unity… in fact, Global Corporate unity, Kingdom Covenant unity. Then, we need to stick a flag in the ground and rally the troops… all the troops or all that are hearing from the Lord to come join this end day battle. All with their gifts, skills, visions, strengths, together in relationship… in unity, working together as an organised, mature group.

Remember, true unity demands diversity otherwise it would be uniformity… not unity. (John 17-20, 23) It is possible to be divided at many points and still be united in Christ.

We know now that if we focus on the major and forget the minors we can agree on two simple things. Love God and love our neighbors. So, this plan is quite simple in nature but full of details, as we will see. We first gather Gods army together and then together go love our lost world.

So we’re going to plant a flag in Hollywood (One of the Global Gateway of Arts and Media) and invite the body to come join us here as God’s army under this flag of His Love. We will then draw a line in the sand and this is where we take back the people and the land for Christ. Getting the Church connected, committed and organised to work together to change the hearts and minds of the people of this world. Think of this for example as the U.N. for believers, a united front standing together for The Lord.

Our contact page or email at attn David Wood –D.W.P.

*Thank you to David Demian, Rick Joyner and Murray Dodds for their hearts, words and input on the above to help us all understand better where we need to go in these end days.