A Christian Business Plan

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Mission & Statement of Faith
Executive Management Team
Spiritual and Prayer Component
Operating Strategy
Relationships & Key Partners
Good News Group Platform
Production, Distribution & Marketing of Media Content
Stewarding Group

Battle of Thermopylae phalanx
Copyrighted image courtesy of Nikos Panos and George Heliopoulos

Executive Summary
Loren Cunningham of Youth With A Mission International (YWAM) and the late Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ identified seven mountains that define society. These mountains are Government, Education, Business, Arts & Media, Sports, Church and Family. The strongest should be the Church but that is currently not the case. Many people believe that the most influential one is Arts & Media with its global reach.

Words and images all dominate our world today, shaping our culture and our beliefs. Some of the latest research reveals that Americans are exposed to 5000 messages a day influencing the mundane to the important including what toothpaste we brush with to who we vote for. These messages affect how we value life, freedom and how we see our Creator. Whoever controls the information controls the world.

Our world is connected by various forms of information and entertainment including the Internet, 24 hour news, Hollywood/Bollywood/Nollywood motion pictures, radio and print. Through these gates of information flow content that shapes our minds and the world’s infrastructure. They define our culture both good and bad. Our children and we are daily bombarded with images of sex and violence that marginalizes life and is abhorrence to God.

We use the term global gates to refer to the seats of power or places of influence where key decisions are made. The Bible teaches us that designated elders of cities sat at city gates, made decisions and exercised their authority to influence their region, the surrounding territories and sometimes the known world.

The key to the Church holding a positive influence over these various gates within the Arts & Media Mountain involves a new partnership or wineskin. Working together in unprecedented ways ministries and denominations must form covenant relationships. The new wineskin of unity must come at an accelerated rate to make up for decades of passive tolerance and apathy. Through a foreseeable collision of divine destinies between prayer ministries, business and evangelism movements we will be able to strategically make the kind of global impact Christ desires for us.

The second key to reversing some of the long term negative impact of unrestrained, irreverent Media involves infiltration of the Media Mountain. Because this one mountain alone can disseminate information at an accelerated rate faster than any other mountain it is imperative that we focus our corporate energy to penetrate this influential sphere first. By bringing various ministries and media together under one roof we will be able to unify our efforts as never before in a concentrated, comprehensive effort with far greater positive results than can be achieved by smaller coalitions or individual efforts.

The phalanx is a rectangular mass military formation, usually composed entirely of heavy infantry armed with spears, pikes, or similar weapons. The term is particularly used to describe the use of this formation in Ancient Greek warfare.

The hoplite phalanx of the Archaic and Classical periods in Greece (approx. 750-350 BC) was a formation in which the hoplites would line up in ranks in close order. The hoplites would lock their shields together in unity, and the first few ranks of soldiers would project their spears out over the first rank of shields. The phalanx therefore presented a shield wall and a mass of spear points to the enemy, making frontal assaults much more difficult. It also allowed a higher proportion of the soldiers to be actively engaged in combat at a given time (rather than just those in the front rank).

The phalanx usually advanced at a walking pace, although it is possible that they picked up speed during the last several yards. Herodotus states, of the Greeks at the Battle of Marathon, that "They were the first Greeks we know of to charge their enemy at a run". Many historians believe that this innovation was precipitated by their desire to minimize their losses from Persian archery. The opposing sides would collide, possibly shivering many of the spears of the front row. The battle would then rely on the valor of the men in the front line; while those in the rear maintained forward pressure on the front ranks with their shields. When in combat, the whole formation would consistently press forward trying to break the enemy formation; thus when two phalanx formations engaged, the struggle essentially became a pushing match.

There was a leader in each row of a phalanx, and a rear rank officer, the ouragos (meaning tail-leader), who kept order in the rear. The phalanx is thus an example of a military formation in which the individualistic elements of battle were suppressed for the good of the whole. The hoplites had to trust their neighbors to protect them; and be willing to protect their neighbor; a phalanx was thus only as strong as its weakest elements. The effectiveness of the phalanx therefore depended upon how well the hoplites could maintain this formation while in combat, and how well they could stand their ground, especially when engaged against another phalanx. For this reason, the formation was deliberately organized to group friends and family closely together, thus providing a psychological incentive to support one's fellows, and a disincentive through shame to panic or attempt to flee. The more disciplined and courageous the army the more likely it was to win - often engagements between the various city-states of Greece would be resolved by one side fleeing before the battle. The Greek word dynamis, the "will to fight", expresses the drive that kept hoplites in formation

The full potential of the phalanx was demonstrated at Battle of Marathon (490 BC). Facing the much larger army of Darius I, the Athenians used their smaller but unified force to route the Persians; destroying their elite troops and resulting in a crushing victory for Athens.

We have titled our project Phalanx because it embodies many of the same qualities of unity and force multiplication to amass firepower in a concentrated area prevalent in the ancient phalanx formation.

Our mission is to disseminate Godly Christian content to the world and unify the body of Christ in a concerted effort to take back Arts & Media and the world for God.

Statement of Faith
We believe:
  • The Bible to be the infallible Word of God; that it is His holy and inspired Word, and that it is of supreme and final authority.

  • In one God, eternally existing in three persons―Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary. He led a sinless life, took on Himself all our sins, died and rose again, and is seated at the right hand of the Father as our mediator and advocate.

  • That all men everywhere are lost and face the judgment of God, and need to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through His shed blood on the cross.

  • That Christ rose from the dead and is coming soon.

  • In holy Christian living, and that we must have concern for the hurts and social needs of our fellowmen.

  • We must dedicate ourselves anew to the service of our Lord and to His authority over our lives.

  • In using every modern means of communication available to us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Executive Management Team

This group will run day-to-day operations following God’s spiritual direction. They will work with key occupants of the global command center located within a facility that houses representatives of various ministries, media and the Strategic Stewarding Group (to be discussed later in this document). A few individuals will be involved with all three groups and the identity of these leaders will be kept confidential to outside entities to protect them from overt influence.

The Executive Management Team* is made up of spiritually mature leaders who can work well together and have influence in their respective spheres and gateways. They will shape our evolving strategy and continually solicit feedback from those above, beside and under them. This feedback will greatly diminish the chance of a crisis of character and leadership. These leaders must be:

1. Born again – John 3:3, John 3:16, Romans 6:23
2. Demonstrate a Servant’s Heart and Humility – James 4:6
3. Tithe – Hebrews 10:15, Romans 12:4-5
4. Currently be Accountable to an organization and be willing to do so with us – 1Peter 5:2-4
5. Practice Forgiveness as a Lifestyle – Mathew 6:14-15, 2Corinithians 2:10-11
6. Be Obedient to the Scriptures and Model a Life of Prayer and Intercession – John 14:15
7. Exhibit the Fruits and Gifts of the spirit in their Lives – Galatians 5:22-25, 1Corinthians 12

This is a pioneering work at the global level. It will have a pivotal role in reshaping our society but will not supplant Godly work already in progress. Because of its pioneer nature we can expect God to ask us to do things others have not yet been called to do. We can also expect the level of sacrifice to likely be higher for those who will stand on this developing foundation.

No single ministry or entity will achieve the overall task God has given to Christians. It will require unity from the global church and the Christian marketplace for Jesus to honor our work. It will therefore require flexible, quickly responding leaders who are willing to set aside their own agendas and remember that unified direction from God with rapid response is not only possible but desired.

*Executive Team bios available upon request

Spiritual and Prayer Component
It is apparent that God is doing a new thing; a shifting and shaking of old paradigms or old wineskins in order to demonstrate His power. In a world where the next crisis is only a moment away it is time for the church to step up and be as one. It must influence the mountains and the gateways or continue or fall victim to them. It will take a strong strategy to break these strongholds.

The Church as the Bride of Christ must be a strategic unified force and fight the good fight in both the physical and heavenly realms. In the spiritual realm we must invoke God through prayer; to tie up a strong man or heal the sick. Simultaneously we must be His hands and feet in the physical realm; feeding the poor, housing the homeless, etc. To transform the world it will take prayer, leadership, discipleship, evangelism, Kingdom covenant relationships and global unity.

A transformation strategy must be more that prayer and evangelism. The spiritual and physical landscape will be changed when we heal a nation’s diseases, teach them about the love of Jesus and show them how to prosper. In many of Africa’s nations for example while 70 percent of the population may know the saving grace of Jesus, there is still poverty, AIDS, illiteracy, famine and war. We must have a more spiritually holistic strategy that serves mankind’s physical needs as well.

So first and foremost it is imperative to begin with prayer; to speak to the mountains and command them to change. Too often we speak to God about our mountains instead of speaking to the mountains about our God. Daily prayer by every team member combined with the dedicated 24/7 prayers of a prayer team will get results. This paid prayer team will have three, eight hour shifts to pray and intercede. Volunteers will be invited to pray as well but we feel a dedicated prayer team is vital to such a huge undertaking.

While non-Christians vastly outnumber the Christians of this world, the difference between victory and defeat is God. Military strategists have often employed an inferior sized force with great success against a numerically and technologically superior force be using hit and run or guerilla tactics. These tactics involve lightning quick strikes at key stronghold and supply lines. Accurate reconnaissance of the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses is vital for this strategy to work. Prayer and research is the Christian’s reconnaissance. Prayer is also the battle we wage to break down strongholds much more effectively than our physical efforts are able.

By taking on a few key strongholds in the Arts & Media Mountain we will avoid stretching our forces too thin; losing economies of scale achieved by dispersing our forces on too many projects. Christian author and ministry head Rick Joyner points out: “the Church is too divided and fighting battles on too many fronts to count. What if we were to concentrate on unity and a breakthrough in just one area? We would probably realize a quick victory and begin to see one breakthrough after another come as we concentrate on them after that. Right now the Church is so divided that it is hard to imagine the kind of unity that this would require, but many of us believe the foundation of this unity is now beginning.”

In order for the Church to wield its God-given authority, God requires a remnant of leadership from across all nations and different denominations, generations and ethnicities to work together as one. Each believer brings his/her own gifts to the mix. God is rising up the nameless that will do anything, anytime, anywhere to do whatever God asks. He wants our obedience, our humility, our willingness to sacrifice and die in our own desires, agendas and timelines so he can bless us in unimaginable ways.

God wants His Church to be sleek – to move quickly and accurately, flowing in the beauty of His new assignments in the power of His Holy Spirit. God is pressing us together into new wine of corporate unity so we can greater accomplish His divine kingdom assignments.

This task requires that we build whatever He calls us to build but to first seek His direction in order for His anointing to cover us. We must remember to flow in His Spirit and not let the form or structure control the anointing. Therefore as we gather daily in the accomplishment of this project that we worship, pray and seek God individually and corporately.

We resolve that we will retreat no further; that we will not yield any more territory to the enemy Satan and will take back what has been lost – the purity of our children, the high regard for life and our reliance on and devotion to the one true God.

Operating Strategy
Our strategy involves a one, two punch. The first punch is Unity of the Church; agreeing on the Statement of Faith and setting aside our denominational differences. Our second punch is then prayerfully and obediently reaching out to a lost world and their mountains by first using our new facility and partnership to penetrate the Media Mountain.

As Christian author Lance Wallnau points out, God’s anointed people who have authority in these spheres must strategically penetrate the high places as well as create and establish Godly infrastructures and systems to occupy, control and steward these platforms and the content within.

If you examine any major cultural movement, it has been a group of only 5 percent (or less) who dictate an agenda to the other 95 percent. The homosexual movement, the Nazis, Communism, the Mafia or the Hippie movement have all driven an agenda that 95 percent are forced to agree with.

Why can’t the Church take a similar small force and drive God’s agenda? A few key leaders from the Church who are obedient to Jesus and model strong family values walking lockstep with Godly media providers can be a much larger force than their numbers show. With unity and technology we can multiply our forces. Under proper stewardship this Godly media can help to heal, train, disciple and unify God’s people. Grassroots efforts will remain the most influential in reaching their own communities but when armed with effective resources such as films that portray the life of Christ and other Bible role models they become more effective. They also will become emboldened if they know that a greater global media voice is behind them.

Imagine God’s army under one roof. Our facility will provide a headquarters to coordinate the grassroots efforts of His people feeding the poor, working with single parents, helping orphans find homes, etc. They become more effective when the resources of an entire community are focused. When churches and ministries unite in a concerted effort they are able to pool their finances and talents to build after school recreation centers, disseminate job openings and of course pray for one another. This practice has been proved successful time and time again when people begin to break down communication barriers and unite for a common good.

Imagine coordinating all these different groups in a community or city, so we could all work better together. As in the military, an army is most effective when they learn as much as possible about their opponent by scouting out their land, the language, the culture.

If our mission is to engage and transform a city or community we would send in scouts like Reverend Dr. Alistair Petrie to prepare a report on that city or community. Through his Biblical Principles for Cleansing, Preparing, and Healing the Land,diagnostic research and intercessory prayer, Alistair’s report would provide: the key groups, support required, potential stakeholders and volunteers, charitable organizations already in place, etc. Next we would analyze the information and develop a strategy to reinforce grassroots efforts and bring public awareness to the situation.

There are countless examples of charitable work being done in our world today. Many of them use the corporate efforts of individuals, businesses, churches and relief organizations to feed the improvised, house the homeless, etc. A current TV show called Power to Change has a celebrity Christian host and shows positive work with the homeless, disadvantaged youth, prostitutes, etc. The publicity generated creates positive media awareness which inspires more activism and donations. This type of publicity could be replicated on a larger scale. We saw in the recent U.S. presidential race how the winner was able to mobilize millions to his beliefs and amass a great amount of funding by using the power of the media. Why can’t we use this same coordinated action plan to show citizens how to get involved locally in their city or community and how grassroots efforts are blessing them with prayer, money or services? We need to create a solid infrastructure that can be continued but also can be developed and grown and stewarded depending on the needs and the challenges we face. The Internet is a tremendous new vehicle in reaching and engaging the world. It may well be the last great mission field.

The Internet can broadcast Christian films and TV, publicize the efforts of The Dream Center, Campus Crusade for Christ, Mission America Coalition and other organizations and individuals who are serving communities around the globe with physical aid and a message of salvation and hope to the lost. The Internet can connect the lonely and depressed and give them answers when they are seeking suicide. It can engage the housebound and invalid in prayer for our efforts. In summary there is a great amount of good the Internet and other media can provide. Too often we see an overwhelming side of this technological marvel that is pornographic, violent and blasphemous.

Major motion pictures too have tremendous potential. A potential blockbuster like “I Believe”The Passion of the Christ, could reach millions with an evangelism message. Imagine countless ministries, churches and organizations coordinating on a global level to promote movie theater attendance. In addition, imagine a synergistic effort to use this film as an outreach tool; to help the local church reach into its community with the love of Christ. Additional resources such as prayer guides, Sunday school and cell group lesson plans, books, music, video games and the Internet helping people go deeper than the movie and develop a hunger for Bible to learn more of Jesus.

Operating Strategy
Below is a list of some of the key ministries and businesses that have already shown a willingness to work together on this project. Some will be full time partners and facility tenants and others may send representatives on an ongoing basis. The goal is to create a stable infrastructure that will facilitate communication and cooperation but is flexible enough to respond to both long range projects such as the production of a new Christian film or a short term response to aid to earthquake victims. We expect this list to expand as more ministries see the fruit of this collective effort.

  • Mission America Coalition - an unprecedented Coalition of Christian leaders who have come together to mobilize the Church for praying, caring and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in deed and word. Since its inception, leaders from 81 denominations, over 350 ministries and dozens of ministry networks have been involved in the Coalition.  MAC calls for active participation in The Great Commission of Jesus Christ to “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).

  • Campus Crusade for Christ International - helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others; and helping the Body of Christ do evangelism and discipleship primarily on college campuses. Has grown into a multifaceted ministry with tens of thousands of full-time and associate staff serving in more than 150 countries.

  • Power to Change - a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada.

  • Salvation Army - Christian charity organization with programs that include international aid, assistance to children and families, and disaster relief. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association – exists to support and extend the evangelistic callings of Billy Graham and Franklin Graham by proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all we can by every effective means and by equipping others to do the same.

  • American Red Cross - the nation's premier emergency response organization. As part of a worldwide movement that offers neutral humanitarian care to the victims of war, the American Red Cross distinguishes itself by also aiding victims of devastating natural disasters. Over the years, the organization has expanded its services, always with the aim of preventing and relieving suffering.

  • Global Day of Prayer - United by a Prayer for the World, Christians from different cultures and denominations gather in many different venues each year to cry out to God for the healing and blessing of our nations.

  • International Prayer Council - exists as a coalition of prayer networkers and mobilizers working together to motivate, develop and equip national movements and local churches to fill al nations with prayer for the fulfillment of the Great Commandment and the completion of the Great Commission.

  • National Day of Prayer Task Force – exists to communicate with every individual the need for personal repentance and prayer, mobilizing the Christian community to intercede for America and its leadership in the seven centers of power: Government, Military, Media, Business, Education, Church and Family.

  • National Prayer Committee - has given birth to many united prayer initiatives, both in the United States and within other nations (especially through its development of the International Prayer Assembly). Members consist of leaders from a wide spectrum of the Church.

  • Youth With A Mission - encompasses thousands of people and hundreds of ministries in almost every country of the world. In every case, our passion is to know God and to make Him known. We are a mixture of people from all over the world, from 149 countries in fact. We come from numerous different Christian denominations and speak hundreds of languages.

  • Aglow International -  nations on 6 continents, all of which have indigenous women overseeing the work in their nations. Has over 4,600 fellowship groups in the U.S. and internationally.

  • International House of Prayer – 24/7 prayer center in Kansas City. Prophetic and healing ministries.

  • Dream Center - a non-profit outreach dedicated to helping inner-cities. We provide food, clothing, shelter, life rehabilitation, education and job training, Biblical training and much more through our 273 ministries and outreaches. We reach thousands of hurting and needy children, families and adults across all races and cultures each week.

  • World Vision - a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice currently serving close to 100 million people in nearly 100 countries around the world. World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

  • Awana - helping churches and parents worldwide raise children and youth to know, love and serve Christ.

  • Good News Network - A brand new web platform that will engage and unite the church on a safe and social network using cutting edge technology like cell phone and other media applications.

  • Outreach - the largest provider of outreach products and services in North America. Products and services are available to churches nationwide, empowering leaders with cost-effective, proven outreach methods and tools. Has six divisions under the umbrella of Outreach, Inc. including: Marketing Products, Training, Publishing, Events, Web Properties and the Media Group. While the divisions operate as separate business units, they faithfully support each other and the global mission of reaching more people for Christ.

  • Dread Warrior Productions – legal entity responsible for the development of the Phalanx project including fundraising, site development and assembling the coalition of members.

Located in the global gate of Hollywood; the heart of the Arts & Entertainment Mountain, this facility will be a gathering place for our unified ministries and media companies and representatives. We will work together under the same roof in order to better communicate and coordinate our God given assignments.

Capitalizing on disseminating His message through all media platforms the facility will house al forms of media including film and television studios, media distribution equipment, music recording/production and sound studios, editing suites, marketing and PR offices, press rooms, conference rooms, prayer rooms and administrative and ministry representatives’ offices. The facility will have sufficient space for all of these many features and will include at least 25 percent for future expansion.

Training and development will be offered for the ongoing spiritual and professional growth of the leaders and staff to avoid stagnation of our people and our project. Many briefings will be held to update team members on the ongoing accomplishments and challenges of the partner ministries and media companies. Additionally spiritual training will be held by visiting ministry heads, pastors and prophets.

A vital key to the facility will be the integration of an internal Global Command Center. This secure and strategic center will serve as an information hub to gather, correlate and assign vital information from around the globe. Similar to a command post or operations center, this entity will have a 24/7 staff dedicated to staying in touch with current events and assessing timely response. The center will be more than just a few prayer warriors monitoring big screens projecting 24 hour news like CNN/Fox/BBC; it will require a trained, highly competent and technically savvy staff operating some of the most technologically advanced communications equipment available including satellite communications and imagery, links to government agencies and first responders and self-sustaining power sources in the event of local utility interruption of power. The command center staff could be called to initiate a coordinated ministry effort to a natural disaster, urgent prayer request or a media attack on the Body of Christ. The center would insure connectivity between facility partners and maintain up-to-date phone, email and Internet contact.

Good News Group Platform
Mobilizing the Internet, the Good News Group Platform will be vital in positioning the Global Church to be on the cutting edge of mainstream communication, ultimately for the purpose of outreach and unity. This will help us reach:

1) The Global Church to organize, engage, and connect unlike ever before through the fastest growing medium of communication. Imagine the global body connected together to get behind a movie, a Godly leader, relief for a natural disaster or any challenge.

2) Individuals who are currently spending hours a day surfing the Internet. Although previously unable to reach this demographic in mass it has now become the largest mission field for the church.

Our first key link to the Internet is The Good News Network, an unrivaled technology available only to us and poised to become the leading social network platform for connecting people who share the same interests, passions, and lifestyles. This platform is designed to fuel users’ interests and passions by creating meaningful connections, fostering social interaction and recommending relevant content.

The marketing strategy is to attract and partner with major content providers, A-List celebrities, music artists, web influencers, brands and us; the Global Church and a partnership to link the aforementioned with our ministry and media partners. They offer superior brand identity, hosting, cutting edge graphics team on hand, web traffic redirection, streaming video, file sharing, communication tools and global marketing on a daily basis with the capacity to continually expand capability.

Another key partner is GroundWire, who has developed a new online mentoring service . which offers online spiritual mentoring globally anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Imagine a 20 year-old Muslim woman in the USA seeking answers online to her spiritual questions and connecting with an ex-Muslim 75 year old woman also from India but now a Christian living in Canada lets say. By not only provides the younger woman a place to go for help, but also offers the 75 year-old women an opportunity to make a difference by mentoring the younger woman halfway across the world with out leaving her house. Imagine a million of these relationships going on, daily. What greater opportunities to show the love of Christ. GroundWire virtual spiritual mentoring capitalizes on the ability to follow-up in ways we never could do before.

* There is a plan just for this area for those who wish to see it

Production, Distribution & Marketing of Media Content
The key is to partner with and fund the best Christian/Believer companies and organizations with the best staff, knowledge and skills to do high quality work so we may compete in the marketplace; to be even better than what the world has to offer. In this way we will be the head and not the tail. By partnering with the right companies we will be able to do the following:

To produce any project under the faith family, and faith good values genre and in any format, such as film, TV, music, internet platforms, publishing, etc. This will entail working with excellent production companies and others around the world who have great projects the Body of Christ can get behind and support with word of mouth advertising or use as a church/evangelism resource.

Marketing/Publicity/Public Relations/Branding through grassroots relationships and alignments with key Christian leaders and their organizations (both ministry and business). We will help to create infrastructures facilitating communication flow and link customer intent with strategic marketing to ignite distribution and global awareness. Marketing will also capitalize on social networking platforms and the Internet. We will work with proven groups like Motive Marketing and Outreach; experts in film, TV, radio, newspaper and Internet that creates viral marketing so effectively displayed in creating hit films like The Passion of the Christ and FireProof.

The key for effective distribution will be involvement with active, faith-based companies who are not only experts in the field of theatrical distribution and foreign sales but more importantly, desire God’s heart and mission as their utmost priority.

Part of the overall funding of this project will go to actual production of film, TV, Internet, music production, video gaming, books, etc. These income producing efforts will perpetuate further production and also fund the not-for-profit parts of this project.

To illustrate, a film such as I Believe; a potential sequel to The Passion of the Christ could be used as a significant evangelism tool to reach millions of people with a Godly message. Combining the film with a grassroots, person to person follow-up strategy for potential converts could bring many to Christ. We will be pioneering new ground as there is currently no built-in follow-up strategy and infrastructure in place to go along with the release of every faith-based film such as I Believe. A comprehensive strategy is needed in order to capitalize on the maximum spiritual potential of each these films. Churches and ministries regularly support films that they know will be helpful tools for their missions. With the church and media working together for the same goal, all parties will benefit and it will create an on-going demand for more godly content.

* There is a more in depth plans in these areas for those wishing to see it

  1. Unity is the key to God’s plan. This project will only work if we are all willing to subjugate our individual and unique gifts to the greater whole and a shared vision. We must “lock shields together” and build strategic holy alliances for His joined assignments. We must all be willing to use our gifts to serve the Body of Christ, which then goes out to serve he world. We must use our individual gifts and JOIN GOD WHERE HE’S WORKING, not ask Him to bless us and our gifts and/or organizations apart from the Body of Christ.

  2. There is a lack of vision for the Church and the world. Too many Christians have bought into the worldly system and have compromised their faith. That will not work here or for God.

  3. We will encounter lukewarm Christians and compromised Believers that will resist our calling, are wrapped up in religious dogma and unwilling to take this journey with us. That’s okay. They may require personal healing or ministry before they can go. We will offer that at this facility for them and ourselves daily.

  4. There will be a structure but anointing must lead that structure. We require structure in our lives but remember God is doing a new thing that will test our ability to foresee events and plan so we must be flexible and responsive. The larger an organization the more people ideas needed to vetted through and the slower it responds. How much more can we accomplish for God if we are not concerned with who gets the credit or has an edit?

  5. Quality relationships are founded on the rock of commitment, not the shifting sands of feeling or emotions, or by holding onto the familiar (or old) wineskins of the past. Daily power and revelation from the Holy Spirit must flow through us or we must get out of the way and let the spirit filled guide us.

  6. Remembering this is a new Jerusalem but we also must deal with the old Babylon of the world and people. Don’t weary in well doing.

  7. We are doing this for God, not to make money or movies or meet selfish needs. God will provide for our earthly needs if we first answer His calling.

  8. These are very exciting and often scary times for us and the world; every infrastructure: financial, political and spiritual is being shaken. But in crisis and challenges there is opportunity. God’s opportunity asks you to commit wholly to Him however and if you are not part of His solution, you are part of the problem.

  9. In the Bible, Pharaoh was the leader but Joseph (God’s man) was really was in charge. This will happen for us if we are obedient.

  10. No matter how you stand on the issue, realistically we are in the End Days and these are serious times that we can not afford to waste precious days or tarry with distractions.

Stewarding Group
This multi-generational Stewarding Group will consist of leaders from the key partnerships mentioned earlier. They would work together to dissolve differences and establish an overarching strategy for the facilities occupants. Their interpersonal relationships must be guided by God in order to maximize efficiency and minimize denominational and dogma differences. They must all be strong believers and well respected in their individual spheres of influence.

Discussions by this group will be kept strictly confidential and their word will be the final say in the direction of any strategy. They will be God’s voice, ears and hands in dealing with businesses, ministries and even governments.

People and relationships are the most effective tool the Lord uses and this is really the most important part of our plan. We desire that people be guided by God and work together at the highest level. From business and media, with people from prayer movements with people from mission ministries to children’s ministries, from market place to city outreaches all key and personal relationships that we already have in place. These people are all strong believers and who are willing to lay everything down, their agenda, themselves, etc.

Remember true unity demands diversity otherwise it would be uniformity not unity. John 17:20-23

It is possible to be divided on many points and still be united in Christ as long as we all agree to our Statement of Faith.

The total raise for this plan is $500 million. We will be selling five thousand units at $100,000/unit. Our goal is to provide a facility that will serve a minimum of 15 years. We expect to invest $150 million or more into this facility million based upon our research into possible existing facilities, upgrade or new construction.

We will use some of the initial funding ($300 million or more) to fuel the development and distribution of high quality Christian films,TV, internet platfrms. With the other 50 million used for staff and ministry work. Partnerships created in co-producing and distributing films will ensure income in the first year and throughout the life of the project. Control of every step of these film projects will now be possible including: spiritual oversight, content, creative, production, marketing and distribution. This will be an unprecedented accomplishment at this level.

An annual audit by an independent auditor and regular review of financials by an oversight committee will ensure accountability, proper stewardship and a return on investment. This strict accounting will also ensure sustainable film projects have adequate funding produced by the profit of earlier films.

We expect that a first class facility that brings together an initial cadre of some of the most respected ministries and producers of high-quality Christian media will attract additional tenants and partners that want to be a part of this exciting new venture. Additional income will be derived from the renting of office, studio, production equipment and crews to qualified clients. This income will help to reduce overhead costs.

The film distribution system operated by will also produce income by soliciting outside film production companies looking for a faith-based partnership in the distribution of their films.

We will also strive to give back to our ministry partners in the form of annual donations to refuel their efforts and perpetuate our combined efforts.

We are ready to go forward today! The relationships, ministries, media and technology are assembled. We just need you, the investor to join us in this bold new undertaking of God’s plan.



To invest or for more information contact David or Michele Wood at
Dread Warrior Productions: (310) 717-4164 or