End Times Prophesy

I found on this journey the biggest challenge was finding a way to get it done through God. I knew daily I couldn’t do it myself, with my weaknesses, my issues, my sin, my challenges. Only with and through God is this possible. So me, you must find a way daily to talk with God, get his help.

There will be 3 total nuclear weapons used in the future, a number of cities and nations will be hit, Japan, atomic bomb, a Hawaii Kamikaze, we’re destroying the planet, and each other, only Jesus can save us again.

Jesus came the first time to help us, this time He will save us again! Have faith, all it takes is a phone call, God sent or the Holy Spirit saying give to the homeless, the orphans, the church and you do! We do the right thing. Imagine a world where people do it. On the other hand, who can really be trusted that do not know or believe in God.

I know we tell them but many hardened hearts out there. I wish I could save everyone, but I can’t and really only Jesus can. But if I can help one, answer a question, give a bottle of water, feed a child, then I have done well!

The three attacks unfortunately will have to happen. End days, pick a side, and honestly it’s always been like that, now end days it will be forced! Now more then ever you need to believe in God/Jesus/Holy Spirit

It is through our tough times, our weakness, even our sin that God can shine in us. Rarely does God heal all the brokenness in a person. This helps us stay focused on him!

Events in Hollywood can be so sad, as so many actors, models, agents so lost. As Jesus walked with and in the world, he loved them He led them to God. This is what I most get better at!

Unity of the church in the end days will take love, acceptance of one another, just as Christ has accepted us, broken, wounded, sinful. None of us are perfect but hopefully all are heading in the right direction, turning away from sin towards Jesus, toward God, toward heaven and finishing well on earth. Romans 15: 5 – 7.

It’s important to always be working on yourself, prayer, meditation, reading the bible, fellowship with mature believers and discipleship. Whatever is happening around you, conducting yourself in a manner worthy of Jesus and the gospel.Philippians 1:27

Being patient, kind, loving, using self control will be very important in these end days. Looking to the interests of others will wind the day. We know in the end days, the times we are in now, things will get tougher and tougher. The people of the world will need us to guide them and encourage them since it is an honor but also a dangerous journey we are on for the Lord, it is important to experience God and his love, sharing that with others, its fruit.

Another key is not to worry what other people think of you. Focus on the Lord, he will do that great work in you. There will come a time that his work and your faith in that process will shine. As the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Great things, great people take time to develop, so be faithful, slow your life down, spend time with the Lord! Stay on the narrow path.

Reading the old testaments you can see how the Israelites, the Jewish people back then and now, got so wrapped up in religious rules and structures. For them to miss the Messiah coming, means they are now, today, still following these rules and religious ideas that today are wrong, false, been replaced and out dated. Anyone not believing in Jesus the Christ and him as the Messiah now are then following a false faith, cult, religion, etc. This applies to the Jewish faith, Muslim faith, any that just think Jesus was a man or a prophet is wrong, is lost!

It takes great faith and courage to work for God, but we “all” are called to do so in some way or manner. If Jesus has saved you, and honestly saved you from much, then you, I, owe him everything

We also must realize that it’s in God’s power, not our strategy, or well thought out plans, but God is our courage, is where our anointing and cover come from.

It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be painful, as Jesus suffered for us, so shall we suffer for him. 1 Peter 4:12 – 13.

As it is very serious days, I have personally committed myself to serve Jesus. A special prayer and dedication I did to Him as we see in the book of Numbers 6, a Nazarite or someone dedicating or making a special extraordinary vow of commitment to God. I have done the same and suggest all of you do the same. God will use a faithful/serious person; it’s who he is looking for to help him here on earth.

The priestly blessing comes then “The Lord bless you and keep you: The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace”. Numbers 6:24-28

I get asked a lot what is “The Mystery of God”. It is quite simply God’s strategy to redeem people, Jew, Gentile, old, young, male, female, through Jesus Christ.

And it is not just through the cross but through the Resurrection of Jesus. The cross is not the power, Jesus as God is the power. The cross is just the reminder. Jesus/God/Holy Spirit is the power.

The Kingdom of this world will become the Kingdome of heaven and all under our lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By His blood, his sacrifice and His resurrection power is the hope for us all. Revelations 11:15 – 18.

As in Revelations 11, the two witnesses in the end days, the days of tribulation, there will be great stress and distress. People of faith will need to stand strong in God, those days.

As in the old days, I find I am now prophesying against the world’s wicked life styles, and to repent and get right with God.