12 Factors regarding the shape of the wineskin for the 21st Century Church

  1. Moving from Denominational Government to Apostolic Government (i.e. structure serves the anointing).
  2. Moving from Internal Reform (i.e. relativism – becoming like the world) to Apostolic Renewal to then lead the world.
  3. Moving from Heritage Based church alignment to Territorial Church Alignment.
  4. Moving from Theological Education to Ministerial Training.
  5. Moving from heavy doctrinal load to light doctrinal load (i.e. only the essentials).
  6. Moving from Passive Determinism to Personal Responsibility (i.e. can/does God change His mind based on the prayers of His church).
  7. Moving from Reformed Sanctification to Wesleyan Holiness (i.e. humility leads to holiness to relational unity to intercessorial prayer to public power encounters).
  8. Moving from a tolerance of the Kingdom of Satan to an invasion of the Kingdom of Satan (spiritual warfare).
  9. Moving from a Petition mode to a Proclamation (declarative) mode.
  10. Moving from Programmed Evangelism to Power/Presence Evangelism.
  11. Moving from Church vision to Kingdom vision.
  12. Moving from expansion of the church to the transformation of society. You see it is not just enough to grow anymore… size is not that important – although it says something – but rather are we involved in changing society around us? Are we doing things that catch the attention of the world and do they see us as “culture shaping’?

These are some directions and predictors of the wineskin of the church but even they are ever evolving and changing.  The latest moves of the day are the development of the marketplace apostle and the transfer of wealth.  All of us are familiar with the scripture referring to “the wealth of the wicked being stored for the righteous” statement and many believe that the only way for the church to go forward is for the transfer of wealth to happen.

Special thank you:  Alistair Petrie